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    VACONS provides consulting services to the financial services industry to define and/or review operating strategies, operating models, sourcing strategies and blueprints to transform. We support to plan and execute the transformation to implement and to achieve industrialization, alignment, and efficiency required.
    Changing Operating Models
    • Levers like evolving customer demographics, new product offerings, competitive pressure, regulatory change, and industrialization in the sector, enforce an increasing speed of change.
    • New forms to organize - like networks - and to source arise and change the vertical range of manufacture.
    • Financial services enterprises need to adopt now pro-active management techniques to plan, operate and analyse production. Maturity, culture, style, rules, skills, and techniques are impacted. Industrialization concepts of the manufacturing industry are getting applied.
    • New value networks integrate multiple partner and require different ways to govern and to manage, to organize and to communicate. They create new processes and require new techniques and principles.
    • Leading the enterprise through the transformation requires a different skillset to plan and to execute that strategic, operational and tactical change.

    We at VACONS provide our services based on the experience, gained in consulting and line management in the industry, while driving large transformations. We help you to achieve your objectives and manage complex transformations.